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Forest Modeling Online https://fsos.ca

The cloud base FSOS provides an efficient team working environment online.

FSOS accumulates knowledge, learns itself and provides the knowledge when you need.

Updating models instead of rebuilding models from scratch, the tools (including spatial data processing) are available online whenever you need no matter where you are and what devices you need, especially the GIS functions can help you to add new layers, generate new resultant polygons and update the models automatically.

The roads, blocks and patches are dynamic and optimized simultaneously.

The strategic plans and tactical plans are integrated, no gaps between strategic and tactical plans. The strategic plans can be implemented on the ground from today and the operational plans are serving the strategic plans.

The simulation scenarios are good references of optimization scenarios and help you to quickly understand the forests and conflicts of interests. The optimizations can be used to improve the solutions.

FSOS is desired forest driven and can be good negotiation table, everyone can focus on its own desired forests and see the future development and conflicts between objectives online. The algorithms can help to balance and optimize the desired forests together with roads and other objectives.

Planning with the Natural Disturbances, the resiliency of wildfires, insects and disease can be increased strategically from harvesting to regenerations.

Who We Are

We are a group of people who build digital systems to mimic real systems. The virtual system can help us understand, explore, optimize, and design the real system. The real system follows the virtual systems to implement in the real systems and feedback. The virtual systems adjust and rebalance automatically. The virtual systems and the real systems work together, hands by hands, a complex system can be fully formed as an autonomous driving system.

our Products


Forest Simulation Optimization System (FSOS)

FSOS is developed for multiple-objective forest analysis and planning. You can see the future forests, explore opportunities and generate strategies to create desired future forests. Forest carbon storage capacity is one of the objectives in FSOS.


Field Data Collection (FC)

The Field Data Collection and Landscape Modeling are integrated, you can design your own field data collector and cloud data storage system. In the cloud, you can define a field data collection task including tables, points, lines, polygons, photos, videos and assign the task to field crews. The field crews can login and collect data in the field. The data can be stored in the mobile devices and uploaded to the cloud database when the internet connection is available.

our Technology

Artificial intelligence

AI technologies are used to generate strategies to achieve and balance a number of objectives with millions of variables and constraints.

Big data

The system accumulates data and learns itself; the future work is easier and better.


Customize and support cloud-based forest landscape modeling platforms.

HPC cloud computing

EasyCloud is a high-performance computing framework. The idea behind EasyCloud is to build a HPC computing cluster using spare computers in the cloud or the private network whenever you need at any places with low cost. The low performance computers work together and become a high-performance computing cluster. The objective of developing EasyCloud is to meet the Artificial Intelligence iterative calculation needs and reduce the software development difficulties.

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3150 Chaucer Ave, North Vancouver,
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